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Good and Evil, serves as a metaphor for the contrast of unique design elements co-existing within the Alexis Bittar Spring Summer 2017 styles. The juxtaposition of these elements was essential in the conception of this collection.
The Coveteur Collection mixes soft hued  and roughly textured natural semi-precious stones with the clean modernism of PVD coated metal and clear polished Lucite. Statement sillouettes elevate beautifully hand beaded pieces into one of a kind collectors items. The combination of sculptured Lucite and non-traditional elements is inherently Alexis  Bittar. 
Design inspirations are found in the textures and material of Frank Stella’s sculptures, exhibited at the Whitney Museum earlier this year. Duran Duran album artwork by Patrick Nagel inspired the collection’s pastel color pallet and futuristic shapes. The alternative and urban vibe of Kenzo and Christopher Kane provided sharp contrast to the opulent beauty of Valentino which collectively inspired our Efflorescent Punk collection.